About Us

Hi and welcome to SHEDcsc.

First up, thanks for making the effort to find out more about us. We appreciate that and we respect your time, so we’ll keep it short and sharp and try and answer some of the questions that you’re most likely to have.


We’re an independent agency that prides itself on our strategic thinking, our creative ability and the tangible difference that the two can make when applied in liberal doses. In the SHED, you won’t find the silos, departments and layers that are synonymous with the more traditional big agency structure.

You’ll encounter open doors as opposed to brick walls, and have direct access to the people who can help solve your business problems when you need them.


The simple answer is whatever it takes to help you achieve your business objectives.

From planning and strategy, to generating big ideas and bringing them to life in relevant and memorable ways across the appropriate channels. You’ll find all the tools that you need here in the SHED.


In the SHED we work with a diverse range of clients from global giants like Rio Tinto to local legends like Chicken Treat and BGC.

Whether you’re after a fully integrated campaign, a website, a one off TV ad or a new logo, no client or task is too big or small.

We approach every opportunity with equal enthusiasm and you’ll see from the list below that we have all of the services and resources at hand to get the job done, regardless of the size of your budget or the tightness of your deadline.


At SHED, we have a very straightforward, down to earth approach. We’ve all come from big agency land where we’ve learned that life is too short and time is too valuable to be wasted in endless meetings and layers of process.

To us, it’s the quality of time we spend working with you that’s important, not the quantity.

The SHED is a very open and collaborative environment where you’ll get to work directly with a team of highly experienced and talented people. People who are not afraid of hard work and challenges and will do what ever it takes to help you kick your business goals.

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