Abyss Digital Case Study


A roller coaster as big and complex as ABYSS takes many months to build. During this lengthy construction phase, Adventure World needed a campaign that would create and maintain serious hype leading up to the launch. 

The Challenge 

Create a cross platform campaign with a finite budget and a ride that was still under construction (we had nothing to shoot or film that would showcase its awesome power) during the campaign production phase. 

The Idea 

Build massive expectation and then offer a prize that money couldn’t buy, the chance to be the first in the world to officially ride ABYSS.  

The Execution 

Since we couldn’t show ABYSS, we created its story, a dark tale that centred on an ancient cult of Guardians. The story and characters formed the actual physical theming of the ride at the park and were the basis of an online game that ran for 4 weeks leading up to the launch of the ride.

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