Coward’s Punch

Coward's Punch Case Study

The challenge.

Sickened by the continuing spate of fatal One Punch attacks, 4x World Boxing Champion Danny Green  had had enough. He wanted to do something that would ‘persuade’ the government to commit to run a national campaign.

The solution. 

To some, terms like “KING HIT’ and ‘ONE PUNCH’ inadvertently glorify these random acts of violence. The idea was to re-brand them as the COWARD’S PUNCH and deliver a strong message about the consequences.

With no budget to speak of, we had to rely on PR to get the snowball rolling. We created a 30 second ‘TV ready’ film with Danny as the spokesperson. This was a deliberate tactic, as we knew the irony of having a professional fighter delivering such a strong anti-violence message would generate significant interest among the media.

News of the film and Danny’s involvement was distributed to the major networks and publishers, creating an immediate frenzy of interest. Once the story had featured on the news, the film was released online and across social media channels. Danny was interviewed on every major news programme in the country and the film was watched by millions of viewers across Australia and abroad.

Every major newspaper in the country featured the story along with every major radio network. The story made headlines across the countries major online news channels and blogs. The film received over 360,000 views on youtube in just a few short weeks.

The Green Machine facebook page received over 68,000 likes and more than 3,400 positive comments. An open letter of support from Green’s long time nemesis Anthony Mundine received a further 40,000 facebook likes. The Government endorsed the film and it ran nationally on free to air and paid TV.

The term Coward’s Punch has become part of the vernacular and is widely used by the media.

In 2014 it was a finalist in the Australian national dictionaries word of the year and is now featured in the urban dictionary. In the wake of the enormous awareness and PR that the campaign generated, the laws and penalties relating to ‘Coward Punch attacks have changed in several states.

After the overwhelming success of this first stage, the federal government has since granted funding for a second round of TVC’s that are currently screening nationally. SHED developed the concepts and produced them alongside Soul Films again.

Coward's Punch Television Commercial

Perpetrator Television Commercial

Victim Television Commercial

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