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Hi and Welcome to SHEDcsc

First up, thanks for making the effort to find out more about us. We appreciate that and we respect your time, so we’ll keep it short and sharp and try and answer some of the questions that you’re most likely to have.

Who Are They?

We’re an independent agency that prides itself on our strategic thinking, our creative ability and the tangible difference that the two can make when applied in liberal doses. If there’s one thing that experience has taught us it’s that the strongest brands are those that deliver on their ‘promise’. It’s not difficult to see what these brands stand for because their values are demonstrated to consumers in real ways; through what they do, not what they say. At SHEDcsc, our values are demonstrated every day.

Every one of us in SHED is here because it’s our passion. We chose to leave the big agency world to build something fresh, innovative and creatively free. And each of us has helped to build the business. We’re full of enthusiasm and we’re determined to make SHED famous for creating great work (that works) for our clients. WE’RE AN EXPERT TEAM As opposed to a team of experts, we work together, we push each other, we challenge each other and we back each other. The outcome is a team that works efficiently and effectively, and where no one individual is bigger than the work we’re all creating for our clients.

What Do They Do?

The simple answer is whatever it takes to help you achieve your business objectives. From planning and strategy, to generating big ideas and bringing them to life in relevant and memorable ways across the appropriate channels. You’ll find all the tools that you need here in the SHED to deliver the goods and get the results.

What Are Their Capabilities?

In the SHED we work with a diverse range of clients from global giants like Rio Tinto to local legends like Chicken Treat and BGC. Whether you’re after a brand strategy, a total re brand, a fully integrated campaign, a website, a one off TV ad or a new logo, no client or task is too big or small. We approach every opportunity with equal enthusiasm and you’ll see from the list below that we have all of the services and resources at hand to get the job done, on time and on budget.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Research
  • Advertising Campaigns (all media)
  • Print studio
  • Design (logos and all print collateral)
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Print/Outdoor Poster Design
  • Web Design
  • Internal Communications
  • Experiential
  • Digital Content
  • Social Media
  • Video Editing
  • Photography
  • Media Planning and Buying

What Would They Be Like to work with?

SHEDcsc is a very open and collaborative environment where you’ll get to work directly with a team of highly experienced and talented people. People who are not afraid of hard work and challenges and will do what ever it takes to help you kick your business goals.

The culture in SHEDcsc is pretty obvious from the moment you walk in – because the culture is us. We’re a group of friendly, honest, down-to-earth and of course creative and professional people. Our clients are people who genuinely like to work with us so we develop genuine relationships.

How Do I Contact Them?

We’re ready when you are so call or email:
Drew Ridley 0419 130 270
Andrew tinning 040 809 6444


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Contact information

Western Australia

Drew Ridley
m: +61 419 130 270

Andrew Tinning
m: +61 408 096 444

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