Raw Impact

Every Piece Matters

Working closely with Saschelle Blake from Black House and the team at Cambodian based not-for-profit RAW Impact, SHEDcsc have created an innovative online campaign aimed at painting a better picture for the 100 poorest families living in slums on Gunty's Island in Cambodia. "If you were to paint a picture right now for these families, it wouldn't be a pretty one," said SHEDcsc Creative Director Drew Ridley. "The Cambodian Government have announced a bridge to join Phnom Penh with the island this will force the relocation and displacement of families who live in the area but hold no formal rights to the land."

"Every piece matters is about purchasing a large block of land for the poorest of the poor to move to, so RAW Impact can work with them to bring safe housing, education for their kids, and a steady job for Mum and Dad. Every $5000 AUD pledged means one family will be able to relocate to this new land."

SHEDcsc Creative Director Andrew Tinning, said their idea was to create a site featuring a mosaic made up of 100 individual squares.

"Each square, represents a family and their story, and starts off in black and white. Once a family has been pledged, their black and white square changes to 25 smaller ones, each representing a target of $200. These appear washed out at the start, but as funds are raised, they change to full colour. When each family is in full colour, their $5000 target has been reached. When every square in the mosaic has changed colour and come to life, RAW Impact will have reached their over all goal of raising $500,000 AUD."

"We have been working closely with RAW Impact's Creative Director Monique Sleight and her local and Cambodian media team who have done a quality job of bringing the idea to life in such a short space of time. It has been a real pleasure for SHED to help RAW Impact paint a better picture for these beautiful families."

Saschelle Blake said: "At first it seemed such an audacious goal to raise the total funds required. To make it achievable we really needed to chunk down the fundraising into manageable amounts for the pledgers and give them enough time and inspiration to fundraise."

Over the next few months the focus will be on acquiring the 100 pledgers for the 100 families. The campaign will then move into stage two: keeping the pledgers engaged and motivated to reach their milestones. Once you start to read the family stories - where they are now and their dreams for the future and what it means to them to have security and hope, it puts a lot of things into perspective, especially around this time of year! It is exciting to be part of something that will enrich the lives of so many.

The campaign is now live and will be promoted across social media, targeting RAW Impact supporters and the general public.

And after just a days, 13 families have already been pledged and over $16,000 raised. It takes around 24 hours to process their pledge after which time the mosaic is updated.